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Do you have platform, competency & bandwidth to validate your business hypotheses?

We do…

Data Labs

We can help setup a safe, secure and an elastic data science platform with tools & techniques that will enable you to validate hypothesis in a self service manner.

Data Prep / Wrangling
data prep

We have expertise in crunching big data workloads, convert un-structured data assets into structured data assets, our engineering techniques prep data and set it up for modeling.

Buidling & Deploying Models

We collaborate with business / SMEs to define hypothesis and go after data assets to apply AI /ML techniques to prove your theories.

Success Stories

Dynamic Pricing
Dynamic pricing for an online retail store.

Applied multiple modeling technique to analyze brands, products, customer, ethnicity and sales transaction to recommend optimal pricing for maximizing profits.

Social media data processing for sentiment analytics

Provided sentiment analytics on products and services of a media company, it included collecting data feeds from various social media and internal customer service platform.

Recommendation Engine
Recommendation engine for financial portfolio.

Built a recommendation engine with trading algorithms to predict the performance of various products & portfolios and recommend safe investment strategies for end customers.